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“Bacn — email you subscribe to but don’t really want or read — is clogging the arteries of your inbox. It is a downpour of marketing offers, social notifications, shipping confirmations, and other messages from marketing automation platforms. Essentially, they are messages from robots… My hope is that email innovation will return ownership of the inbox back to people. Our time is too precious to spend it hitting delete, unsubscribing from lists, and shuffling old messages into folders. Let’s stop drowning in bacn and start dealing with it. –Dave Baggett, Founder,”

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“I’d never found an email client that might woo me away from Apple’s Mail until I came across Arcode’s Inky. This cleverly designed app seems built around the way most people use email every day.”

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“…a super simple interface with a focus on only the messages that matter to you.”

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Get Organized with Smart Views

Focus on mail from personal contacts without the distraction of social notifications, daily deals, and other newsletters. Inky automatically categorizes your incoming mail so you don't have to.


Filtered Inbox

This curated view includes personal messages without Newsletters, Daily Deals, and Social Notifications. This is the ultimate powerhouse view for getting things done.


Viewing messages from personal contacts is often all that you really want to do. This view allows you to cut through the fluff and read what is really important.


Inky quarantines your newsletters in one view, so you can read them when you have time, rather than when their publishers send them. They’re there when you want them, but they’re not in your task flow.

Daily Deals

Popular deal sites send messages every day and they can stack up quickly. View them all in one place to do your shopping or to simply clean up.


Social notifications can clutter the inbox. Check your social updates separately to catch up on your friends.


Sending messages to yourself is a great way to save notes for later. Inky automatically organizes email to yourself into one view.

Package Tracking

Keeping track of shipments in your inbox can be a drag. Inky helps you by automatically organizing your package tracking messages into a single view.


Inky organizes messages with addresses into one view. This makes finding that address someone sent you three days ago really easy.

Sort By Relevance

Inky's unique relevance sorting lets you read messages in order of importance. Email messages from close contacts have a vibrant blue drop and rise to the top of your message list. Less important mail and spam messages appear faded and sink to the bottom.


But wait there's more...

Easy Sorting and Filtering

Inky's sorting and filtering is easy, requiring only two controls in comparison to the complex table layouts seen in other email clients.


Inky keeps your emails intact and in sync with your email provider. For example, if you read a work email message, and then go to the office, you will see that message is marked as read there as well.


Your mail provider stores your mail, and your mail never touches Inky's own servers. Inky runs on your computer so your email never goes through our network or computers.

Smart Sending

Inky helps you make sure you send your email from the right account to the right person. Inky will suggest people to add to an email if you frequently include them in a group.

Inky is Flexible

If necessary, you can switch back and forth between your providers' websites and Inky anytime. You can also add new accounts at will.

No New Email Address

Inky is not a new email address; it's just a way to pull together all your existing addresses, which stay as they are.

Simple Setup

All you need to add an email account to Inky is your email address and password.


Inky helps you avoid suspicious messages that could harm your computer and leak information.

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