Meet The Banner

It may not look imposing, but don’t let its modest appearance fool you. The banner is the embodiment of INKY’s knowledge, and more importantly, we believe it is the future of email security.

Protect and educate.

There are four million lines of code that enable INKY’s unique banner to work, but our users will never have to encounter any of them. What they will experience, however, is a seamless system that catches even the most elusive of threats, while protecting, training, and empowering users across the enterprise.  

INKY instantly analyzes an email and displays a banner at the top of the email. These banners detail exactly what, if anything, is fraudulent or suspicious about the email message. Warning banners are color coded to empower the employee. 

Explore the banner.

Just-in-time phishing awareness training.

Clicking the “Details” link within a banner lists exactly what is wrong with an email. This information educates users to the real-world threats in their inboxes. The banner is a more effective learning tools than phishing simulation testing.  

Report an email from anywhere.

IT departments love the “Report This Email” link in each INKY banner. This link allows end users to report spam, phish, and other problematic emails from any endpoint device, with no special software (i.e., from any mail client). Since email is increasingly consumed on mobile, INKY users are empowered to report potentially fraudulent emails from wherever they happen to be.  

Customized policy information when it is needed most.

INKY even incorporates natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to identify sensitive content like wire or invoice payment requests, password-related emails, etc., to annotate these with customer-configurable policy guidelines in the banner. 

The INKY banner prevents spear phishing or CEO impersonation emails. 

Spear phishing emails are the most difficult to detect and prevent – because spear phishing is an email that impersonates a trusted person like your boss, your CEO or colleague.  These types of email rarely have links and the attacker is just trying to build a rapport over the course of a few email before getting you to do something – like purchase iTunes gift cards or wire money.  INKY’s banner solves this problem – it will flag the message as suspicious because the email address does not match your trusted colleagues.   

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