Inky: Send Encrypted Email Easily, with any Email Account

Today we're proud to announce Secure Email by Inky — our revolutionary new mail and calendar app that lets anyone send encrypted email with any email account, on any device — easily.

Over the last few years we've been working hard to make the "holy grail" of simple, ubiquitous encrypted email a reality. And now, finally, it is. Just install Inky, add any of your existing email accounts, and start exchanging encrypted mail in minutes. It's as simple as checking a box. And with Inky, encrypted mail works just like legacy insecure mail: fast searching, filtering, forwarding, push notifications — everything — all just work. You don't need to be a technology whiz or crypto expert — in fact, you won't even notice anything different!  But your emails will be secured with cryptography certified to US military Top Secret level. (You can learn more about Inky's security capabilities at

With Inky, there are no certificates or keys to mess around with: Inky's servers verify your email address, and you're good to go: you can send and receive encrypted email with any other Inky user just by entering their email address.

Even better, Inky is completely free when used with Gmail,, and iCloud accounts. So you can invite your friends and family who use these services and get everyone emailing confidentially free of charge — no credit card required.

Finally, we've built in all the capabilities enterprise users demand at work, so you can secure your corporate mail as well. Inky works with Exchange and Google Apps, and pricing starts at $5/user/month with volume discounts. You won't need to migrate any mail, and because all email sent with Inky is digitally signed, you'll get phishing protection as well!

So download Inky from your app store or and start securing your email!

Dave Baggett
Founder & CEO of Inky

Learn more about Inky in our latest press release:
Inky Delivers Encrypted, Secure Affordable Email Management