Inky Delivers Encrypted, Secure Affordable Email Management

Drop-in Replacement for Microsoft Outlook Offers Intelligence-Grade Encryption With Easy Mobile-Desktop Syncing


BETHESDA, MD—July 13, 2016 — Inky, a leader in email management, today announced its new email service, which offers an easy way to encrypt, tag, and manage email on multiple accounts. A drop-in replacement for Microsoft Outlook, Inky’s simple interface, combined with intelligence-grade encryption and smart tagging of messages, offers seamless management of email for desktop and mobile users. The Inky solution leverages a cloud-based service that enables users to create smart tags – using hashtags - to conduct advanced filtered search, and swap out email addresses on demand, all while defending against targeted attacks, including spear phishing, and ensuring that senders are who they purport to be 

Inky is free for Gmail and iCloud users and is priced at five dollars per month for Microsoft Exchange and other IMAP accountsThe Inky solution has incorporated all of the cryptographic and security features required to be used in a top-secret environment for sending classified emails.  

Inky is the only email solution that offers automatic end-to-end encryption. The service is unique in its ability to provide users with full content search of their encrypted emails. Only the intended recipient of an Inky-encrypted email can decrypt messages – there are no intermediaries with keys. 

“Inky is an IT department in a box for users; we are to email what Adobe Acrobat was for online document creation – simple, easy-to-use, standardized and secure. We want to make email – the lifeblood of an organization’s communication – as easy and enjoyable as social media activity, with the highest levels of security,” said Dave Baggett, founder and CEO of Inky. “The Inky system delivers the kind of encryption and security that most users need, but don’t know how to achieve, and we provide the detection and privacy controls to prevent spear phishing and other malicious intrusions.” 

Designed as a way to manage email complexity across Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps, and other IMAP accounts, as well as Gmail, iCloud, and accounts, Inky can be installed simply and quickly. Inky provides world-class customer support and sophisticated learning techniques to help users create relevant topical mailboxes (i.e., saved searches) and prioritize actions. 

With a unified interface and a seamless syncing feature orchestrated by a lightweight cloud component, Inky automatically handles public key infrastructure (PKI) and Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) transparently. Inky offers great flexibility for users who want to switch between email providers’ web sites and Inky without the need of a new email address. 

Inky is based on know-how from the team that built ITA Software, a leading travel industry software provider acquired by Google in 2008.  

Inky is available for download at, the iOS App Store, and the Google Play Store. Download the Inky press kit for high-resolution graphics and screenshots.


Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, Inky is a leading email and messaging technology company that was created by Arcode Corporation. Inky offers world-class security and privacy features for businesses that seamlessly manage email accounts and derive greater productivity and efficiency through Inky’s innovative technology. For more information, please visit

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