Below are some educational eGuides to help you better under why phishing is the biggest threat to the security of your organization today.


INKY’s 2019 Email Security Report

Download our 2019 Email Security Report to uncover how phishing attacks still remain one of the largest threat vectors to organizations.

Understanding Phishing Attacks: Confusable Domains

One technique that keeps coming back around in new forms is confusable domain names. Download this guide so you can be better prepared when these emails arrive.

The 2019 IT Guide to Securing Email

These targeted, highly personal spear phishing email attacks are getting more sophisticated than ever. Learn how mitigate your risk of becoming the next victim.

Solve the #1 Issue Putting Your Business at Risk

Download our guide to hear real stories of executives like you and learn more about how to detect and avoid phishing attacks.

The Solution Selected by the Most Successful CISOs

This guide covers topics you need to know such as spear phishing, whaling attacks, training challenges, ineffective solutions, and what other CISOs are doing.

Your Guide to the Pros and Cons of Current Solutions

This eGuide gives you a glimpse into all the pros and cons of common phishing solutions.

Office 365 Doesn’t Protect You from Phishing Attacks

Download this guide to find out how INKY leverages artificial intelligence to scan email for potential fraud.

API or Inline – Which Deployment Model is right for you?

Not sure if you still need an inline deployment or if simple API model is sufficient? This guide walks you through the differences.

Guide to Surviving Email Fraud

Download this guide to read the public service announcement and gain some security strategies to prevent and recover from email fraud.

$1.4 billion is lost to email fraud every year.

INKY is the new solution in the war against phishing, and the smartest investment you can make in the security of your organization.

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