Below are some educational eGuides to help you better under why phishing is the biggest threat to the security of your organization today.


Solve the #1 Issue Putting Your Business at Risk

When it comes to global security, phishing is a top concern. The vast majority of CISOs surveyed believe their company is likely to become a victim of a cyber attack sometime this year. 65% predict a phishing scheme will result in an attack that opens their company to stolen credentials, data breaches, and other cyber attacks.

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The Solution Selected by the Most Successful CISOs

When it comes to phishing emails, nobody is immune. A recent survey of CISO and IT professionals reported that 93% of organizations have been targeted by hackers using phishing schemes.

Download this guide to learn more on topics you need to know, such as spear phishing, whaling attacks, training challenges, ineffective solutions, and what other CISOs are doing.

Your Guide to the Pros and Cons of Current Solutions

The number of companies that get hit with phishing attacks each year continues to grow. Attacks nearly doubled from 2016 to 2017, according to the FBI and showed no signs of slowing down. 76% of IT professionals report that their organization experienced phishing attacks last year. Avoid being one of them by educating yourself and implementing a solution.

Download our guide to learn about the pros and cons of common phishing solutions.

INKY is the new solution in the war against phishing, and the smartest investment you can make in the security of your organization.

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