Unparalleled Exchange Email Phishing Security

INKY integrates seamlessly with Exchange, protecting your inbox with industry-leading email phishing protection and advanced threat detection.

Automatic Email Scanning. User-Friendly Warnings. Mobile and Web Friendly.

INKY automatically scans all your internal and external email looking for signs of phishing, malware, spam, or cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. Malicious email can be quarantined, and INKY adds an informative banner to the top of every delivered email. You have enhanced phishing security because your users are both protected and educated.

Built for Cloud Solutions

INKY was developed to work seamlessly with Exchange, with custom implementation specific to the Exchange platform. It integrates quickly and easily. INKY can also roll out in stages for easy implementation.

Lives in the Cloud

INKY was born in the cloud and as such, can easily be deployed or added to an existing set-up.

Fully Scalable and Highly Secure

INKY deploys inline, integrating with Exchange. It is scalable, adapting to any size organization, and secure enough to meet government requirements.


Get INKY for Exchange and get protected in minutes.

The Next Generation of Email Protection.

INKY is cloud-based mail protection software. It blocks spam, malware, and most importantly — phishing attacks.

INKY uses domain-specific machine learning and computer vision techniques to identify and block zero-day phishing emails that get through other systems.

$1.4 billion is lost to email fraud every year.

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