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General Questions

What is the pricing model?

Pricing is per mailbox per month. Volume discounts apply, and we offer special pricing for educational and nonprofit customers. We are proud to offer both better protection and better pricing than our competitors.

Is INKY Phish Fence a cloud-based solution?

Yes. In a typical customer deployment we run servers in the cloud that automatically process every mail the customer receives.

Does INKY Phish Fence block dangerous mail?

Yes, INKY Phish Fence can quarantine or drop mail that it determines is malicious. Mail that is merely suspicious or unusual can be marked with a prominent warning right in the body of the message explaining in user-friendly terms what was wrong with the message. It’s entirely customer-configurable which messages are delivered and which are quarantined.

Do I need INKY Phish Fence if I already have a mail protection solution?

Mail protection solutions generally guard against bad links or malware attachments, but do not excel at preventing phishing attacks. INKY Phish Fence identifies more phishing attacks than any other solution, using over two dozen computer vision and machine learning algorithms to “see” each email much like a human cyber-security expert would. This gives INKY Phish Fence the unique ability to catch zero-day phishing attacks that haven’t been reported yet. It also means that INKY Phish Fence can catch realistic-looking forgeries even when they come from high-reputation senders like G Suite and Office 365. No other solution can do this.

How does INKY Phish Fence compare with other mail protection solutions?

We’ve created a comparison chart to help you understand the similarities and differences.

Is it complicated to setup?

No. Unlike other mail protection solutions, you don’t need to change your DNS records or make other public, disruptive changes to protect yourself with INKY Phish Fence. We use the latest Microsoft technologies to vastly simplify setup and deployment; most customers are up and running in under an hour. And unlike other solutions, INKY Phish Fence supports a staged roll-out to groups of users at a time, rather than requiring a single “big bang” cut-over.


What are the minimum requirements?

We recommend Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016, or Office 365. Both hosted and on-prem Exchange are supported. We also support G Suite.

Does it slow down mail delivery?

 No. INKY Phish Fence performs its analysis in milliseconds, so it doesn’t slow anything down.

What about spam and malware?

INKY Phish Fence includes state-of-the-art spam and malware protection at no additional cost. Malware sandboxing and static analysis are available for an additional fee.

What mail clients are required? Does anything have to be installed per user?

INKY Phish Fence works with any mail client at all — warnings appear right above the body of the message and thus display everywhere (desktop, web, and mobile).

What kind of warnings does INKY Phish Fence Show?

INKY Phish Fence warns about all of these and more:

  • Any external mail purporting to be from an internal sender.
  • Any URL whose text differs illegitimately from the true target of the URL – for example, a link labeled https://accounts.google.combut which actually points to https://accounts.google.top.
  • Any URL referencing TLDs primarily used for spam or malware.
  • Any domain name with an unusual combination of scripts – for example, both latin and greek characters in the same domain.
  • Any domain name that is confusingly similar to the host domain or any popular domain (by traffic or links)  – for example, docusgn.com vs docusign.com.
  • Any domain name that substitutes visually similar Unicode characters in the host domain or any popular domain (by traffic or links) – for example, уаһоо.com vs yahoo.com
  • Any domain or IP whose email sender reputation is poor.
  • Any message with a Reply-To: header that differs substantially from the From: header (and which isn’t DKIM-signed).
  • Any message failing industry-standard DKIM/SPF checks.
  • HTML content or imagery attempting to mimic a popular (by traffic or links) domain’s branding elements
  • Any message with a URL or attachment known to be bad.
Are the warnings configurable?

Yes. If a particular check or warning is unsuitable for your user community, you may disable it. Users may also request — and admins may optionally approve — whitelisting of external senders that would otherwise be flagged as likely spear phishing attempts. For example, if an employee routinely uses her personal Gmail account for work communication, an admin can whitelist that address if it is deemed safe to do so.

What is the maintenance required to keep it up to date?

Improvements automatically stream from our data centers to INKY Phish Fence deployments without you or your users needing to do anything.

Will INKY Phish Fence work in concert with other mail software?

Yes. INKY Phish Fence is deployed last in the email protection chain, so it blocks anything the previous filters allow through. It does not interfere with any protection, archival, or e-discovery software.

How can I try it?

Give INKY a free test run on your inbox now at our demo page here. 

Do you offer free trials?

Absolutely. We’ll set you up, free of charge, so a subset of your users can try it out and see how much INKY Phish Fence can protect them.

Phishing threats today are increasingly invisible.

According to Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report: 30% of phishing emails get opened by users.

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