Inky: The Secure, Affordable Outlook Alternative

Get more out of Office 365 and lower your monthly bill. No IT changes required. Available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Save Money By Replacing Outlook with Inky

Inky is a monthly subscription service ($5 per user per month) providing first-class email and productivity tools on an unlimited number of devices of all types (Mac, PC, iOS, Android). Save significantly by downgrading your existing Office 365 plan and adding Inky in place of the installed Outlook app.

# Users Office 365
+ Outlook
Office 365
+ Inky
Saves You
≤ 300 $15.00
user / month*
user / month
user / month
> 300 $20.00
user / month**
user / month††
user / month
* Office 365 Business Premium ($15, monthly)
† Inky ($5) + Office 365 Business Essentials ($6, monthly)
** Office 365 Enterprise E3 ($20, annual commitment)
†† Inky ($5) + Office 365 Enterprise E1 ($8, annual commitment)
Cost Savings Calculator
Number of users:
Total savings per month: 350 x $7.00 =

Your Team Will Love Inky

Saves You Time

"Inky makes it easy to find old invoices and PDF attachments using simple search terms like #pdf and has:attachment." - Accounting

Keeps You Organized

"Inky's custom mailboxes allow me to manage issues more effectively. The tagging feature lets me quickly search across content and prioritize what’s most important to respond to, not which mail came in last." - Customer Support 

Easy to Use

"Finally, an email app that's as easy to use as my social network and ride sharing apps. And it's beautifully well-designed." - Management

Inky is a Personal Assistant for Your Inbox

1. Subscribe

Creating an Inky account is easy. Add your existing email addresses once, and access Inky on all your devices. Start with a free trial (no credit card required) and subscribe when ready.

2. Inky Analyzes Your Mail

Inky downloads and analyzes your mail right on your device, enabling a custom-tailored experience you'll love.

3. Get to Work

Enjoy Inky's unique and innovative features to allow your team to focus on what matters and get things done.

Get Started In Minutes

1. Download

Inky is available as a free download for all major platforms. Create an Inky account and password on your first device, and sign in to the same account on all of your other devices. Everything syncs automatically.

2. Add Your Email Accounts

Setting up Inky to access an Office 365, Exchange, or other account requires only your email address and password. Inky will figure out the rest and begin downloading and analyzing your mail right on your device. Each email account you add to Inky comes with a 14-day trial without limitations.

3. Get to Work

Enjoy Inky's unique and innovative features to allow your team to focus on what matters and get things done. After 14 days, or when you're ready to commit, purchase a subscription at An Inky subscription is associated with one of your email accounts, but gives you access to all of Inky and any other email accounts you may have added.

What Makes Inky Unique?

Advanced Search

Inky indexes your mail to enable full-text search and advanced sorting, grouping, and filtering options.

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Inky automatically organizes your mail into specialized mailboxes like Personal, Subscriptions, and Attachments.

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Custom Tagging

Inky lets you tag messages and create custom mailboxes to organize your mail however you want.

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Key Features

Connect to Any Account

Inky supports Exchange, IMAP, and POP servers. Many popular mail readers only support the big email providers. Inky goes further to ensure that all of your accounts can be accessed from one place. 

Advanced Searching and Filtering

Inky proactively retrieves, analyzes, and indexes messages from your mail servers, which means searching even a hundred thousand emails happens instantly, as you type — even when you’re offline.

Cloud Syncing

Take your email accounts with you. Inky makes the most of the cloud, by seamlessly syncing data and message flags and tags across all your devices.

Unified Interface

Viewing email in Inky is simple and frictionless. Access the same time-saving features on all your Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.


Your mail provider stores your mail, and your mail never touches Inky's own servers. Inky runs on your computer so your email never goes through our network or computers.

Sort By Relevance

Inky's unique relevance sorting lets you read messages in order of importance. Email messages from close contacts have a vibrant blue drop and rise to the top of your message list. Less important mail and spam messages appear faded and sink to the bottom.


Inky keeps your emails intact and in sync with your email provider. For example, if you read a work email message, and then go to the office, you will see that message is marked as read there as well.

Smart Sending

Inky helps you make sure you send your email from the right account to the right person. Inky will suggest people to add to an email if you frequently include them in a group.

Inky is Flexible

If necessary, you can switch back and forth between your providers' websites and Inky anytime. You can also add new accounts at will.

No New Email Address

Inky is not a new email address; it's just a way to pull together all your existing addresses, which stay as they are.



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