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Preventing Deep Sea Phishing attacks with Machine Learning and Computer Vision

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Automatic Email Scanning.
User-Friendly Warnings.
Mobile and Web Friendly.

Inky Phish Fence automatically scans all your internal and external email looking for signs of phishing, malware, spam, or cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. Malicious email can be quarantined, and Inky Phish Fence adds an informative banner to the top of every delivered email. So your users are both protected and educated.

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Total Visibility.

The Inky Phish Fence admin dashboard allows your IT/Security team to run date-range queries of threats you have encountered. Admins can drill down into specific threats and even view details of individual email messages. Inky Phish Fence adds a “Report Phish” link to every email which lets your users send suspicious emails to your SOC for analysis within the Inky Phish Fence dashboard. This works from any mail client — web, mobile, or desktop — and preserves the mail headers and Inky’s full analysis.

Inky Phish Fence blocks zero-day threats like no other mail protection system. Learn how it caught a DocuSign phishing scam.

Inky In Action
Query by date range.
Charts show high-level trends.
Drill down into details of specific threats.

The Inky Difference

Identifies brand forgery emails and impersonation of individuals (spear phishing).

Analyzes every email -- internal and external -- with computer vision and machine learning algorithms.

Stops zero-day phishing attacks before they've been reported.

Adds a user-friendly banner to each email explaining what, if anything, is wrong with the email.

Incorporates real-time threat and sender reputation information from Phishtank, Google Safe Browsing, Barracuda, and many others.

Operates as a private cloud service with Exchange/O365, simplifying deployment and improving security and privacy.