An All-New Inky is Available Now!

Inky has been upgraded with a brand-new interface and many great new features, like Exchange and Office 365 support,  customizable mailboxes (replacing smart views), custom tagging, and other new search functions.

Inky is also now a freemium service. As an existing user, you will receive an extended 90-day free trial when you sign in with your existing Inky username. After the trial period, Inky will remain free if you use only GMail, iCloud, and email accounts. For other types of accounts (e.g., Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps, other IMAP), a paid subscription must be purchased for $5 per user per month. Enterprise pricing and custom solutions are also available.

If you run into any issues or have any questions about this transition, please contact us at

Please be sure to exit this Inky application before installing the new one.