INKY Partner Program

Protect your customers from the #1 cyber threat today: Phishing.

Leverage INKY’s Phish Fence and ensure your customers have the best next-generation email security solution.

The INKY Value

Phishing and the other fraud tactics used today are compromising email’s integrity and crushing organizations. Email remains the most durable and effective form of communication in the digital era and INKY is here to protect it.

We know the complexities and challenges of email from every conceivable perspective, and that traditional solutions are simply not enough.  By offering INKY as a part of your security portfolio, you can deliver the trust needed to your clients so that every email clicked is guaranteed to be phish free.

We’ve invented the future of email security and we’re here to help you deliver it.

INKY has improved our help desk workload and has eliminated a significant number of customer submitted tickets for phishing emails. Our customers appreciate that we are looking out for them with new and unique tools.

Scott Samborn

Principal, Vantage Point Solutions Group

Key Reasons to Partner with INKY

Quick and Easy to Deploy.

Takes only minutes to deploy on 0365, zero down-time. Exchange and G-suite compatible.  No MX changes.

Simple to Educate Users.

The INKY banner system ensures it’s easy for your end-users to understand and is available across all devices – even mobile!

Tiered Partner Level Program.

No matter what your business goals are we have created a tier for every partner to participate

Attractive Revenue.

Pricing model is designed to support and reward our partners, giving you plenty of opportunity for profitability.

Dedicated Sales and Technical Support.

INKY partners always have access to our team of sales and technical professionals so its easy for you to sell our product

INKY integrates seamlessly with Office 365, Exchange, and G-Suite

Who should partner with us?




Technology Partners/OEMs


INKY is the new solution in the war against phishing and the smartest investment your clients will make in the security of their organization.

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