INKY Solution Briefs

Explore our library of solution briefs to help you better understand what makes INKY the best investment you can make in the security of your organization.

What Makes INKY Different?

INKY is the smartest solution you can make in email security for your organization. This overview highlights where INKY excels.

INKY vs. The Competition

Curious how INKY stacks up to the competition? Download this side by side comparison.

INKY Overview

Want a high level overview of INKY’s key features? Download this overview of INKY.

INKY and Microsoft Exchange Solution Brief

INKY and Office 365 Solution Brief

INKY Vs. Microsoft Security

Do You Still Need a Third-Party MX Service?

Guide to Surviving Email Fraud

The best way to manage the email fraud crisis is to prevent it completely. Download this free guide to gain some security strategies to prevent and recover from email fraud.

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