Discover why INKY is the smartest investment you can make in email security for your organization.


Meet the INKY Banner

It may not look imposing, but don’t let its modest appearance fool you. The banner is the embodiment of INKY’s knowledge, and more importantly, we believe it is the future of email security.

Customize Your Banners

INKY’s email security banners incorporates natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to identify sensitive content like wire or invoice payment requests, password-related emails, etc., to annotate these with customer-configurable policy guidelines in the banner.

Learn About the INKY Preview Pane

The INKY preview pane doesn’t block the user from seeing the email before they open the email.

INKY Strips Banners from Outbound Email

While other vendors include banners, emails can get messy when replying, and the banners stick with the email every time an employee responds. INKY is smart enough to keep emails clean by stripping the banner out of outbound email replies.

Educate Users with Color-Coded Banners

INKY’s banners offer just-in-time phishing awareness training. Clicking the “Details” link within a banner lists exactly what is wrong with an email. This information educates users to real-world threats in their inboxes. The banner is a more effective learning tool than phishing simulation testing.

A Phish Tale with a Happy Ending

This is a story about solving the biggest cybersecurity challenge today. It’s about $12B of wire fraud and the root cause of just about every high-profile breach since 2013. It’s a tale about vast amounts of email compromised by phishing — and how to effectively protect yourself against it.

The Finns Learn About the Horrors of Phishing Scam Predators

“Phishing has evolved exponentially since the days of the Nigerian Royalty scams, and despite best efforts, most companies are not equipped to deal with a challenge that has grown increasingly targeted…”

$1.4 billion is lost to email fraud every year.

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