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Inky® Phish Fence® is a mail protection gateway that uses sophisticated AI, machine learning and computer vision algorithms to block deep sea phishing attacks that get through every other system.

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Inky Phish Fence automatically scans every email — internal and external — to identify and flag phishing emails. Unlike every other system on the market, Inky Phish Fence uses proprietary machine learning and computer vision algorithms to “see” each email much as the recipient would. Unlike a human recipient, however, Inky Phish Fence can tell when an email is a forgery, and can either quarantine the mail or deliver it with disabled links and a user-friendly warning.

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Awesome Analytics

Our analytics dashboard gives you complete visibility into the threats Inky Phish Fence is blocking. Admins can drill down to the level of an individual message to understand the exact nature of an attack. Queries can address particular date ranges, targeted users, or specific types of dangerous email.

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Batteries Included.

Inky Phish Fence works with any version of Exchange, O365 or G Suite (hosted or on-prem). It can act as the sole mail protection service — blocking spam, malware, phishing and cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks — or it can work in tandem with other services as your last line of email defense.

No special client software, portal, or authentication system is required: any warnings are inlined right into the body of the message and administration is all performed via standard Exchange controls. A “Report Phish” link is added to every message so your users can send messages they’re concerned about to your SOC for analysis — from any endpoint.

And there’s nothing new to learn: admins use standard Exchange Mail Flow rules to enforce policies, whitelist senders, etc., and users don’t need to learn a new portal/quarantine system.

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Protect Your Personal Mail.

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Our mission is to make the world safer. So in addition to our enterprise version, we offer free versions of Inky Phish Fence for personal mail accounts. If you’re a home user, give it a try! If you’re an IT professional, recommend your employees use it to protect their personal mail accounts.

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