The Next Generation of Email Protection

INKY is cloud-based email protection software. It blocks spam, malware, and most importantly — it protects businesses from phishing attacks.

The Next Generation in Email Protection

INKY uses domain-specific machine learning and computer vision to identify and block zero-day phishing emails that get through legacy email systems.


Get INKY for Exchange and get protected in minutes.

Office 365

Get INKY for Office 365 and get protected in minutes.

G Suite

Get INKY for G Suite and get protected in minutes.

Protect and Train

Warning banners directly in the email offer guidance for suspicious emails.

Deploys Effortlessly

Integrates into Office 365 organization-wide within minutes.

User-Friendly Warnings

Safe/Unusual/Malicious warnings let users know how to safely treat the email.

Simple to Administrate

Our advanced dashboard gives you complete visibility and tracking into the threats being blocked.

Click to Report an Email Even from Mobile Devices

INKY’s email protection software places user-friendly warnings directly into the email, offering specific guidance to both protect and educate your users.  Safe/Unusual/Malicious warnings with details guide the user to take a closer look or proceed cautiously. One of our clients’ favorite features is the ability to Report an Email with a click, from any device or email client.

$1.4 billion is lost to email fraud every year.

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