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We believe in the power of email. Email remains the most durable and effective form of communication for organizations in the digital era. No matter what email platform you use we are passionate about protecting it.


Get INKY for Exchange and get protected in minutes.

Office 365

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Relentlessly Effective

INKY blocks pretty much everything. Quite simply, she sees the things that others can, and catches the things that others don’t. From sophisticated phishing threats to the mundane challenge of spam and the like, INKY adds a thin – but powerful – layer of protection to your organization email platform.

Phishing threats today are increasingly invisible.

According to Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report: 30% of phishing emails get opened by users.

Secure your organization’s email today

INKY Phish Fence

Among the legions of challenges in email security, preventing zero-day attacks remains among the toughest. The threat landscape changes daily, and there is no manual for the looming challenges of tomorrow.  From brand spoofing to spear phishing to whaling, INKY’s real-time learning helps prevent zero-day attacks, and domain specific machine learning develops sender profiles quickly. This is why INKY catches pretty much everything. She’s at least two generations ahead of everything else out there, and she’s just getting warmed up!

Introducing the INKY Banner

Meet the banner.  It may not look imposing, but don’t let its modest appearance fool you.  The banner is the embodiment of INKY’s knowledge, and more importantly, we believe it is the future of email security.  There are four million lines of code the enable the banner to work, but our users will never have to encounter any of them.  What they will experience, however, is a seamless system that catches even the most elusive of threats, while protecting, training and empowering users across the enterprise. 

Made for Mobile

The banners presence on mobile helps guide users, wherever they happen to be.  We realize employees need email to just work, no matter what.  For the IT team it is only one install across every device with no downtime.  It’s music to an IT team’s ears!

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